Way too quiet around here, so…

I took the blog offline recently, mostly because I just am not updating it of late. The whole reason I started the blog waybackwhen was so that when I got word that Michael was going to make a TV appearance I could let people know even if I wasn’t home and couldn’t post to the website. Well, now Twitter handles that just fine!

Unfortunately, the only way to take the blog offline without deleting it completely was to “hide” it, but that has just led to a lot of people asking to be let into the private clubhouse, which was certainly not what I wanted!

So I am going to reopen it with this caveat: the blog really isn’t in use anymore, and most of the stuff on here is old and may not be of any interest anymore. The website is the best place to find meatier fare, and subscribing to the Twitter feed (@MickWareDotCom) is the best way to get news fast — I only use it to announce new posts on the site and the occasional breaking news.

About wondercyn

Someone who thinks too much and writes too little.
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