Another talk in Brisbane

Sharon found some info on another talk that Michael is doing in Brisbane tomorrow night, although this one is not open to the public. He will be a featured speaker at the Queensland branch of the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association. See this page for details, but here is the write-up about Michael:

6.00 Gala dinner featuring Michael Ware:
Report from the front line

A native of Brisbane, Michael received his law degree from the University of Queensland and spent a year as Associate to then President of the Queensland Court of Appeal, Tony Fitzgerald before moving into journalism firstly with the Courier Mail and then TIME Magazine. He was TIME Magazine’s correspondent in Afghanistan before being based in Iraq prior to the coalition’s invasion in 2003.

Michael was appointed TIME Magazine’s Baghdad bureau chief in 2004 and then joined CNN in 2006 and quickly established himself as one the foremost on-air experts on Iraq, providing in-depth analysis and reports across all CNN Networks. He quickly gained international notoriety as one of the few western journalists to travel to insurgent camps and report on that perspective of the war. Hear the remarkable and gripping story of a man famed for being right on the front line in the most dangerous place on the planet.

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2 Responses to Another talk in Brisbane

  1. susan seymour says:

    I am sure Michael will be very inspiring and insightful when he gives his speech to the Corporate Lawyers Association. I am sure his words will be valued.

  2. Sharon says:

    Sending birthday wishes to Michael, we haven’t forgotten you and we wish you well with your film project.

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